Compatible with Fusion Splice-On Connector(SOC) in accordance with the Industrial Standard Perfect Solution with Swift KF4A and Swift Connector

Serving the industry since 2008, America Ilsintech, LLC is a U.S. corporation owned by leading Korean splicer/PON/FTTx manufacturer Ilsintech Co. Ltd. Ilsintech is a pioneer in processing equipment for optical fiber, tools, and accessories. America Ilsintech distributes a full line of products to the North American market.

America Ilsintech splice-on-connectors provide high-precision performance. The products are compact, lightweight and convenient to use, and are resistant to shock, dust, and water.

The company’s fiber optic fusion splicers provide best-in-class optical performance with a simple design, making installs for any application easy and affordable. The KF4A All-In-One Fusion Splicer offered free with purchase of 2,000 splice-on-connectors integrates thermal stripping, cleaving, cleaning, splicing and sleeving in one convenient unit, reducing installation time and improving connection reliability.

How to make Swift KF4A optical fiber fusion splicing?
In this video we demostrate how to complete a splice on fiber optic connector using the KF4A Fusion Splicer from America Ilsintech.

Ilsintech products facilitate the installation of these networks by incorporating features that automate the fiber melting process, reducing the risk of human error, delivery time and maintenance costs. The KF4, designed to perform five different functions: decapping, cleaning, cleaving, splice and protect fibers. Thus, accurately aligned fibers and allows the assembly of pre-polished connectors, optimizing time and eliminating the major problems of field connectorization.

The preparation of an optical fiber network integration project is a part of the process takes time and skill of the installers, particularly in the step of melting the fibers to be perfectly aligned to not impact the availability and network security.