Delta Cable IT Solutions distributes Axis cameras to residents of building

Helbor Magnifique Residencial

The Helbor residential condominium, located in Joinville (BRAZIL), is composed by three towers of 18 floors each, being two apartments per floor. Over 100 families constantly pass by three independent entrances, managed 24 hours a day by a team that also supervises vehicle entrance that occupy almost 350 parking spaces. With these characteristics, the video monitoring system needed to meet the greatness and dynamics of the condominium.

Delta Cable distributor and Traders Service installer were both chosen for the mission. Focusing on complete condominium space coverage, including all access areas for residents, employees, service providers, among others, and surroundings, a total of 79 cameras were installed. For closed circuit supplying and installation, Axis. Project included full network models HDP1357 and high-resolution P1354 and M2014-E. For the elevators, M3113-R Axis was installed.

What do residents say?

The residents' differential is image quality. "Even in the elevators, where we chose to eliminate the cabling that would generate additional installation and maintenance costs, the wireless system doesn't show any interference in the image".

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In both social and service hallways, 31 Axis M1054 units have been installed. At the access and exit access service, there is still a bullet camera Axis M2014-E, using Corridor Format, a unique format by Axis. It turns the 16: 9 image of the HD camera into a ratio of 9:16 - ideal for hallways, entrances or narrow passages. This maximizes image quality and eliminate width bandwidth and storage. In three levels of underground garages, which are interconnected and give access to shared service area of ​​and to elevators, 18 AXIS P1354 units were installed, a fixed high performance and robust design camera, recommended for day and night use.

And, to cover the outside area of ​​the condo, 19 of the AXIS P1357 model were installed, which allows the coverage of a large area and image details exceptional circumstances. This day / night camera features a P-Iris lens to provide optimum image clarity.

Due to the horizontal and vertical distances be covered by the video-monitoring system, Traders Service integrator chose using cable Ethernet throughout the project except for the elevators. According to the customer, the distance didn't interfere in the cameras image quality.

Therefore, the Helbor Magnifique condominium became one of the first examples in Brazil of residential building complex with a video system coverage provided by full HD cameras, In which ast 24 hours per day camera coverage for internal and surroundings surveillance brings all residents the safety feeling we expect being home. 


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