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Hikvision HikCentral Add 1 Camera, Manageable (HikCentral-P-ANPR-1Ch)
Hikvision HikCentral Add 1 Camera, Manageable (HikCentral-P-ANPR-1Ch)

Hikvision HikCentral Add 1 Camera, Manageable (HikCentral-P-ANPR-1Ch)

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HikCentral is a Central Management System (CMS) designed for managing distributed sites or large groupings of cameras recording on Hikvision NVRs, DVRs, and CVRs. HikCentral is pre-loaded on a Windows-based server (optional)
Best User Experience
• User-defined live view and playback functionality enhances video monitoring flexibility
• Alarm notifications generate instant alerts during live view
• Seamless channel switching from live view to playback
• Auto-switching of cameras by area allows the operator to monitor multiple videos feeds simultaneously without manual intervention
• Powerful thumbnail and timeline search capabilities facilitate quick playback positioning
• Export multiple video channels simultaneously in playback view
Powerful Surveillance Management
• Capacity to mark key evidence manually and/or automatically using alarm-based tagging function
• Protect video files from being overwritten by locking video clips for evidence management
• Search videos by tag, locked status, time interval, time, and file
• "After-the-fact” VCA Search of playback video for motion analysis, line crossing detection, and intrusion detection
• The free mobile client enables video and alarm monitoring anytime, anywhere
Powerful Centralized Management
• Interactive mapping enables intuitive management of alarm inputs/outputs, cameras, hot regions, and historical alarm searching
• Unified alarm center provides real-time alarm management by using an intuitive notification of related pictures, e-map, video clips, and more
• Seamless integration with active directory for user management
• Centralized license plate recognition search, heat map analysis, and people counting statistics extend system functionality
Synchronized playback of multiple video camera feeds
Central Management System
High Reliability
• Strict system test for pre-installation of HikCentral on the Hikvision Management Server
• System support for CVR N+1 Hot Spares for storage redundancy
• Support for Windows cluster and Rose Replicator solutions to augment system reliability
High Scalability
• Expand channel numbers by adding NVR, DVR, IPC, and Blazer Express
• Extend central storage by adding a Central Video Recorder (CVR)
• High video throughput with minimal CPU and RAM requirements
• Support for up to 3000 channels and 1024 devices per server
• Expand system video input/output by adding Streaming Media Server (SMS); each SMS can support up to 300 x 2 Mbps video inputs and/or outputs
• Pre-loaded software and pre-activated license (optional)
• Lightweight installation package minimizes installation time
• Web client enables management and configuration anytime, anywhere
• One-step configuration automatically detects devices and allows quick access to live view and video playback
• Intuitive Flat GUI design simplifies system configuration and user experience to reduce the cost of training
• WAN access port mapping for seamless deployment of remote access
HikCentral Specifications
Maximum number of IP cameras / NVRs / DVRs / Blazer Express
Maximum number of channels
Maximum number of alarm inputs/outputs
Maximum number of areas
Maximum number of roles
Maximum number of uses
Maximum number of e-maps
Maximum number of Central Video Recorders
Maximum number of Streaming Server connections
Maximum number of concurrent Web Client or Control Client
Maximum number of concurrent mobile client connections
Maximum user permission levels

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