NetAlly OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant (1T10G-1000)
NetAlly OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant (1T10G-1000)

NetAlly OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant (1T10G-1000)

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One button validation of network and datacenter performance at 10 Gigabit rates
  • 10 Gigabit: built-in 100M/1G/10G copper and 1G/10G fiber optic test ports for troubleshooting and performance measurement
  • All-in-one: a handheld tester combining infrastructure, network service and end-to-end path performance measurement in one tool
  • Accurate: create and save site-specific test profiles that emulate how client devices experience the network, including local, intranet and cloud-based services
  • Consistent: everyone on the team uses the same preconfigured test profiles to encourage standardization and best practices
  • Fast: measure end-to-end path performance to validate the performance of newly installed network infrastructure and critical network links within the LAN or data center
  • Pre-deployment: automated wired analysis provides visibility into connected devices, key device properties, device interconnections and problems
  • Independent: verify independently that service providers are meeting agreed-upon service levels (SLAs) and maintaining QoS end-to-end
  • Long-term: launch a repetitive test-and-upload trending process to collect results over time - testing is self-contained, requiring no user interaction, and test results are uploaded to the OneTouch AT Cloud Service for storage and analysis
  • Cloud Service: view color-coded charts of performance over time to establish a performance baseline, to perform more rigorous network acceptance testing and to troubleshoot intermittent problems - when and where it is convenient
  • Discovery: see connected devices, key device attributes, connection paths and problems within the broadcast domain
OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant 10G Ethernet tester for copper and fiber optic networks The OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant incorporates one 100M/1G/10G RJ-45 Ethernet test port and one 1G/10G SFP fiber optic transceiver port. Easily troubleshoot 10G connectivity issues and measure end-to-end network path performance at rates up to 10 Gbps. Configurable profiles for standardized testing Use the intuitive touch interface and the Setup Wizard to create test profiles, where a profile is a set of tests tailored to your network, services, and applications. Create simple profiles with only a few tests or advanced profiles consisting of dozens of tests. You can build profiles to accommodate different types of users, devices, locations or technologies. Once created, profiles can be saved for quick and easy reuse later. Create a library of standardized profiles to elevate the troubleshooting know-how of network support staff. Share profiles with other OneTouch AT users. Use profiles to establish best practices for consistent, faster, more productive troubleshooting and network acceptance testing.

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