Zyxel ECard Cyren Anti-Spam USG20-VPN (LIC-CAS-ZZ0037F)

Zyxel ECard Cyren Anti-Spam USG20-VPN (LIC-CAS-ZZ0037F)

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  • Family Information

    Series Description
    • AntiVirus: inspects data traffic in real-time (FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4), also in VPN tunnels, also scans ZIP, RAR, etc.
    • Intrusion detection/prevention: protects against worms, Trojans, DoS attacks, etc.
    • ContentFilter: blocks access to undesirable websites using categories
  • Article Information

    Article Description
    • iCard UTM Anti-Spam USG 20-VPN (1-year warranty)
    • With License Features as Anti-Spam and Content Filtering 2.0 (CF2.0) And in the SafeSearch function in CF2.0 needs to enable SSL Inspection firstly

For commercial use only in the Brazilian Market, if you are not from Brazil, do not buy it.

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