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Aimetis Symphony Video Management & Analytics Software (SYM-SV-SL-S)

Aimetis Symphony Video Management & Analytics Software (SYM-SV-SL-S)

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The Aimetis Symphony Video Management & Analytics Software (Standard License) provides a user-friendly yet advanced approach to video management and analytics, system integration and scaling, and alarm management. This management and analytics software facilitates trouble-free migration from analog CCTV to IP systems and also enables easy upscaling of your current surveillance infrastructure.

A host of high-tech features like server virtualization, customizable multi-camera layouts, intelligent reporting, and integrated messenger makes the Symphony Video Management and Analytics Software capable of meeting the high-security demands of large organizations.

Mixing and match other licenses on the same server allows you to tailor the software's features to suit your requirements. This software can be installed on your existing hardware, and it also supports a variety of cameras and encoders from different manufacturers.


Support for unlimited clients and cameras (IP, megapixel, and analog) on a single server
Server virtualization for creating a virtual server environment and masking the server's resources from the users
Supports MJPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 formats, with provisions for multicasting and multi-streaming
Basic video motion detection
Automatic camera detection and audio recording
Customizable user access levels for restricting users with low access privileges from accessing confidential data
Web and mobile client support
Local camera storage support


PDA support
Configurable alarm inputs and outputs
Quick email notifications on triggering of alarms
FTP/TCP support


Detects loss of a camera in the surveillance system like in the event of a camera being disabled by cutting its cord
Scene change detection notifies you when the view of the camera is obstructed or moved away from the monitoring area
Basic video motion detection simplifies keeping track of suspicious objects moving in the surveillance area


Customizable mini-camera layouts allow you to set up a loop of cameras for monitoring important areas
Graphical timeline support allows for playback of videos using search and navigation functions
Hierarchical site map navigation allows for easy real-time monitoring of the desired location based on the position of the cameras on the site map
Integrated messenger along with intelligent reporting allows for quick alerts on breaching of security
Advanced video analytic search enables you to search for videos using specific terms or conditions for faster and accurate search results


Mixing and matching of different licenses allow you to customize the list of features as per your surveillance needs
Interchangeable licenses between cameras

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