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Senstar Aimetis Enterprise Edition V7 VMS Device License (AIM-SYM7-E)

Senstar Aimetis Enterprise Edition V7 VMS Device License (AIM-SYM7-E)

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Key features of Aimetis AIM-SYM7-E

  • High Scalability- Aimetis Symphony is highly optimized at both recording and streaming video, which reduces onsite hardware
  • Web-Based Administrator- Administrators now have a dedicated HTML5-based web client, eliminating the need to install and maintain a Windows-based management client
  • Centralized Cloud Management- Through the use of Aimetis Enterprise Manager™, Symphony can be managed centrally providing software updates, configuration, and health monitoring over multi-site deployments
  • Native Analytics- Symphony was developed from the ground up to support video analytics. Analytic applications include motion tracking, auto-PTZ tracking, people counting, and many more
  • High Security- Symphony employs SSL encryption on all communications to ensure a secure deployment. Penetration testing is routinely used to proactively identify and resolve potential security issues
  • Server and Storage Failover- Aimetis Symphony efficiently delivers built-in failover functionality without the need for expensive Microsoft Clustering and extra servers

Aimetis Symphony™ Standard - IP Video Recording

Aimetis Symphony™ Standard is the ideal choice for organizations making a transition from analog CCTV or DVR technology to IP video while looking to simplify the management of network video.

  • Leverage commercial off-the-shelf computers from leading manufacturers
  • Unlimited* cameras per server
  • Edge Storage Support
  • Automated response to alarms (e.g. send an email notification, start recording, etc.)
  • Remote Live View
  • Video Analytics Support
  • Continuous Recording on Motion or Alarm
  • Integrated Site Map
  • Multi-stream camera support
  • Mobile device support (iOS/Android)
  • Robust video management recording features:
    • Remote live view
    • Video playback
    • Record on motion
    • Integrated site map
    • PTZ control
    • Multi-stream camera support

* The server requires 1 license per device. Ex: for a system with 32 cameras and one DIO device, you require 33 licenses. If you increase the number of managed devices, the licenses will also need to be increased.


Aimetis Symphony™ Professional combines the robust video recording features of the Standard license with enterprise-wide system scalability, third party system integration, and centralized event management capabilities.

  • Multi-server integration
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
  • Integrations to 3rd party systems (e.g. Electronic Access Control Integration

Aimetis Symphony™ Enterprise incorporates all the features and capabilities of standard and professional licenses. From built-in redundancy to video wall support and GIS maps, Aimetis Symphony Enterprise delivers the most comprehensive video management system.

  • Server Failover
  • Storage Failover
  • Video Wall
  • GIS Map support (ArcGIS)
  • Load Balancing

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